The Everyday Clean Starter Set

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The Everyday Clean Starter Set “ENDLESS SUMMER” Exclusive Collection includes 3 Refillable Signature Bottles and 10 Hand Soap Tablet Refills and 10 All-Purpose Cleaning Tablets Refills, High Quality Natural Ingredients, Zero Wastes Hand Soap and Cleaner, Sustainable living, Eco-Friendly Product, Non-Toxic

(Receive our special mix Sparkling Glitter Pack and free random beautiful stickers with this set, watch video on how to dissolve hand soap tablet with sparkling glitter pack on our Instagram)

  1. One empty Refillable Spray Bottle 25 FL OZ / 750 ML for Cleaning Solutions.
  2. One empty Refillable Foam Pump Dispenser 10 FL OZ/300 ML for Hand Wash.
  3. One empty Fine Mist Refillable Mini Spray Bottle 3.4 FL OZ/ 100 ML for Cleaning, Traveling, and use as you like.
  4. Foaming Hand Soap Tablets, 10 Tablets with 10 Mix Fragrances - 1 Cucumber Melon, 1 Eucalyptus Mint, 1 Fresh Coffee, 1 Lavender Vanilla, 1 Ocean Air, 1 Passion Fruit Tea, 1 Sparkle Orange Ginger, 1 Sunshine Watermelon Lemonade, 1 Sweet Peach Mango, 1 Vanilla Coconut Island
  5. All-Purpose Cleaning Tablets, 10 Tablets with 5 Mix Fragrance;
    • Multi-Surfaces Cleaning Tablet – French Lavender Scent
    • Bathroom Cleaning Tablet – Rose Melon Scent
    • Floor Cleaning Tablet – Sparkle Orange Scent
    • Kitchen Cleaning Tablet – Kitchen Lemon Scent
    • Window & Glass Cleaning Tablet – Unscented but Refreshing
  • JUST ADD WATER: Have your favorite CLEANOUN liquid hand wash and cleaner always available with this tablet refill set of 10, just drop one tablet in your forever bottle and wait for it to dissolve, you will get a bottle of foaming hand wash or cleaner.
  • SAFE FOR THE ALL FAMILY: Our gentle moisturizing formula is non-irritating, non-toxic, and safe even for the most sensitive skin. What we leave out is as important as what we put in, all ingredients are listed on the EPA Safer Chemical Ingredients List. Lab-certified in the USA.DELIGHTFUL.
  • HAND SOAP: Formulated with essential oils and well-balanced fragrance for an enchanting hand soap refill formula that will leave your hands smelling good as they feel good. It’s not only effectively cleansed your hands but also highly moisturizing and won’t make your skin dry after washing your hand. Perfect for home and commercial use! Each tablet dissolves in your own tap water to make 10 fl oz/300ml of foaming hand soap.
    1. Fill your forever bottle with warm water.
    2. Insert one dissolving tablet into a bottle.
    3. Wait 15 -20 mins or until completely dissolved.
    4. Don’t screw the dispenser head or sprayer before completely dissolving.
    5. Once the tablet is fully dissolved, attach the dispenser head or sprayer and start cleaning.
      • MULTI-SURFACES CLEANER: works great for most every cleaning job in your home, office, or vehicle. Use your cleaning spray for cleaning solutions around the house.
      • BATHROOM CLEANER: is formulated for your entire bathroom. It is excellent at removing soap scum from tubs and showers, hard water spots from faucets and counters, and general gunk and grime from all areas of your bathroom.
      • FLOOR CLEANER: is excellent for use on ceramic tile, hardwood, stone, bamboo, laminate, vinyl, and more.
      • GLASS & WINDOW CLEANER: is specifically formulated for all glass or any surface where a clear finish is desired. Perfectly safe to use on glass with tinting, hurricane film, or other surface applications.
      • KITCHEN CLEANER: helps clean kitchen messes, and it is excellent for use on sinks, countertops, and many area to help keep your kitchen clean and healthy.
      • MINI SPRAY BOTTLE: has a spiral mouth which ensures tight fit and does not crack upon frequent use. It comes with a protective cap for hygiene and safe carrying in bags. Avoid accidental press and let you to travel without worrying about spills or leakage. Carry with you wherever you go.
      • SAVE TIME, MONEY, AND SPACE: CLEANOUN tablets are convenient and easier to refill and store than traditional soaps. Use it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, beauty salon, utility room, kindergartens, hospital, hotel, office, everywhere you need to wash your hands.
      • BETTER FOR THE PLANET: Our tablets are packaged in 100% home compostable wrapping, eliminating plastic waste, and consuming less emissions to transport without the water.
      • These unique reusable bottles are designed for a prime and appealing appearance and complement any kitchen, bathroom, and office.

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