The Clean Up Kit

$13.99 $16.99

The Clean-Up Kit includes 3 Refillable Signature Bottles Without Tablets

  1. Empty Refillable Spray Bottle 25 FL OZ / 750 ML for Cleaning Solutions
  2. Empty Refillable Foam Pump Dispenser 10 FL OZ/300 ML for Hand Wash
  3. Empty Fine Mist Refillable Mini Spray Bottle 3.4 FL OZ/ 100 ML for Traveling
  • 【All-Purpose Spray Bottle Fill the spray bottle with warm water and drop it in your magic multi-surface cleaning tablet or kitchen, floor, bathroom, glass, and window cleaning tablets to make your own cleaners. Use them for cleaning solutions around the house or just use them with water to cool yourself. These unique reusable bottles are designed for a prime and appealing appearance and complement any kitchen or bathroom.
  • 【Foam Pump Dispenser】 Fill the 10oz/300ml bottle with warm water and mix with your magic hand soap tablet to foam your own moisturizing hand soaps. Use it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, beauty salon, utility room, kindergartens, hospital, hotel, office, everywhere you need to wash your hands. 
  • 【Mini Spray Bottle】 The 3.4oz durable quality travel size spray bottle has a spiral mouth which ensures a tight fit and does not crack upon frequent use. It comes with a protective cap for hygiene and safe carrying in bags. Avoid accidental press and let you travel without worrying about spills or leakage. Carry with you wherever you go.

    Safety Material

    Made of high-quality PET material, not easy to break. It is chemically resistant, and safe for chemical solutions. Our bottles are unlike glass containers; you no longer need to worry about the bottle shattering if it accidentally falls. 


    Avoid high-temperature disinfection. Do not fill higher than the bottom of the chamber.


    Fill bottles with water, drop a tablet into the bottle. [leave headroom]. DO NOT add tablet first. Don’t overfill the bottle as you need to leave room for the soap tube.