Refillable Cleaning Spray Bottles

$12.99 $15.97

Reusable Empty Cleaning Spray Bottles 25 fl oz/750ml (2 PACK) -Clear Transparent with Coconut Tree Limited Edition

  • Make your own cleaner with All-Purpose cleaning tablets or just use with water to cool yourself.
  • These lightweight reusable spray bottles are for multipurpose uses, use them for kitchen, bathroom, floor, window & glass, utility room, hospital, hotel, office, everywhere you need to clean on the planet.
  • These unique reusable bottles are designed for a prime and appealing appearance and complement any kitchen or bathroom.
  • Great for families with bulk value packs.

Adjustable Nozzle:

The sprayer can be easily adjusted from a fine mist to a solid stream to suit your needs. 

Safety Material:

Made of high-quality PET material, not easy to break. It is chemically resistant, and safe for chemical solutions. Our bottles are unlike glass containers; you no longer need to worry about the bottle shattering if it accidentally falls. 


Avoid high-temperature disinfection. Do not fill higher than the bottom of the chamber.


Fill the spray bottle with water, drop a cleaning tablet into the bottle. [ leave headroom ]. DO NOT add tablet first. Don’t overfill the bottle as you need to leave room for the tube.