ON THE BEACH All Purpose Cleaner Refill (10 PACK)

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Super Value ON THE BEACH Cleaning Tablet Refills Box Includes 10 Tablets with 5 Mix Fragrance

  1. Multi-surfaces cleaner - French lavender scent (2 counts)
  2. Bathroom cleaner - Rose melon scent (2 counts)
  3. Floor cleaner - Orange scent (2 counts)
  4. Glass & Window cleaner - unscented (2 counts)
  5. Kitchen cleaner - Kitchen Lemon scent (2 counts)
  • JUST ADD WATER: Have your favorite CLEANOUN liquid cleaner always available with this refill set of 10. Each tablet dissolves in your own tap water to make 25 fl oz/ 750ml of cleaner. Just drop one tablet in your 25 fl oz spray bottle and wait for it to dissolve you will get a bottle of cleaner. All CLEANOUN products are non-toxic, vegan, and always cruelty free.
  • Multi-Surface Cleaner is carefully formulated to be both tough and versatile and works great for most every cleaning job in your home, office, or vehicle.
  • Bathroom Cleaner is formulated for your entire bathroom. It is excellent at removing soap scum from tubs and showers, hard water spots from faucets and counters, and general gunk and grime from all areas of your bathroom.
  • Floor Cleaner is excellent for use on ceramic tile, hardwood, stone, bamboo, laminate, vinyl, and more.
  • Glass & Window Cleaner is specifically formulated for all glass or any surface where a clear finish is desired.Perfectly safe to use on glass with tinting, hurricane film, or other surface applications.
  • Kitchen Cleaner helps clean kitchen messes and It’s formulated with a fresh lemon scent. It is excellent for use on sinks, countertops, and many area to help keep your kitchen clean and healthy.
  • Fill the bottle with 25 fl oz/750ml of warm water.
  • Insert one dissolving tablet into a bottle.
  • Wait 15 -20 mins or until completely dissolved.
  • Don’t screw the dispenser head before completely dissolving.
  • Once the tablet is fully dissolved, attach the sprayer and start cleaning.
  • To refill, rinse the bottle and repeat.
  • SAVE TIME, MONEY, AND SPACE: CLEANOUN cleaning tablets are convenient and easier to refill and store than traditional cleaners. Use it in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, office, everywhere you need to clean.
  • BETTER FOR THE PLANET: Our tablets are packaged in 100% home compostable wrapping, eliminating plastic waste, and consuming less emissions to transport without the water. The re-fill system that ends plastic waste and purify the planet.
  • Overview: Fill a reusable bottle with warm tap water & drop in cleaning tablet in CLEANOUN’s Bottle. Be sure to let the cleaning tablet fully dissolve before attaching the sprayer. Each tablet makes 25 fl oz bottle. All CLEANOUN products are non-toxic, vegan, and always cruelty free. The re-fill system that ends plastic waste and purify the planet.

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