Who We Are

Our sole purpose since day one is to provide homes, offices, and businesses effective cleaning products with scintillating scents while supporting environmental efforts and sustainability. Eco-friendly hand soaps and all-purpose cleaning tablets are sold to allow consumers to create a positive impact on the planet. We are here to elevate that experience by incorporating aromas that bring back blissful memories, making the weight of the world a little lighter on your shoulders on any given day. From all-time favorite scents to season-centered aromas, all our products are crafted to provide you with emotional well-being by just using everyday soaps to clean.

Why Choose Our Products

New living & protect our marine

Refill is the new recycle. Our products are effective, convenient, and easier to refill than traditional soaps as well as sourced from environmentally responsible ingredients. We help you eliminate extra cost for water and plastic packaging as well as ocean plastic with each sale. We've created the scents that make you smile.  Easy Refill, Zero Landfill.

All time favorite scents

Each scent is researched and developed in a way that will guarantee you an experience that is worth more than just a sniff. The blend of invigorating olfactory notes will ride your senses and make you feel instantly pulled from reality and back to a place in your mind where the best memories are hidden. At CLEANOUN, we aim to make cleaning with eco-friendly soaps a delightful experience rather than a mundane task you have to do everyday.

Our impact

We created tablets small enough to allow you to switch between scents when you please yet still meet your requirements from an effective cleaning product. And to top all of that off, refillable bottles are here to make the whole experience as environmentally friendly as possible. Our impact is your impact as well. 

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With Love - Purify The Planet


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