Ingredient Purpose C.A.S No. % by weight
Berol 226SA Made from water, salt, and Berol - effective in cleaning dirt, grease and oil Proprietary 1-10
Citric acid anhydrous Naturally extracted from citrus fruits - used to balance acidity levels and give natural scent 77-92-9 1-40
Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid Maintains the consistency of the foam in the cleaning tablets 6381-92-6 0-2.5
PEG6000 Acts as an inactive ingredient to quickly dissolve the cleaning tablets 25322-68-3 1-10
Sodium benzoate Protects against bacterial and fungal growth 532-32-1 1-5
Sodium carbonate  Extracted from ashes of plants - used to soften water to remove dirt and grease 497-19-8 10-50
Sodium silicate anhydrous Creates wholesome and magnificent foam 1344-09-8 1-10
Sodium sulfate Extracted from natural mineral 7757-82-6 1-20